Quantreex Documentation

Strategy Designer Overview

The Strategy Designer is composed of four main sections covering the conditions for entering and exiting trades.

The top section “Trade Entry” is used for entering trades/opening positions. On the left hand side, the components sections regroups indicators or mathematical functions. Components are elements used in the creation of logics that trigger orders. On the right hand side logics are defined using the components to make these trading decisions. Logics are divided into two subsections one for Long (i.e. Buy) and one for Short (i.e. Sell) independent of each other.

If the strategy is long only then it suffices to define logics for the Buy section. If the strategy is Long/Short then both buy and sell section should have logics defined. If the appropriate sections are not filled an error is raised.

Image 0

The bottom section or Trade Exit is used for exits conditions. The same elements that appear in the Trade Entry section also appear in the Trade Exit section. The only difference is that the Buy and Sell sections are reversed to reflect the asymmetry between buy and sell.

In the screenshot above a Long trading strategy was created. In order to exit the trade, a sell logic must be defined.

Image 0

There are other ways to exit a trade based on stops and limits please refer to the Stops and Limits sections for more details.

Please refer to the next sections on how to create components and logic expressions.