Quantreex Documentation

Menu elements tabs, and shortcuts

In Studio view the first tab is My Strategies represents the list of user strategies. The actions consists of Design (pen icon) that opens the strategy design editor, Run Backtest (play button) used to test the strategy performance on historical data and Optimization (wand icon) used to improve strategy parameters based on some objective function (i.e. net profit).

There are also buttons at the top to run multiple strategies simultaneously. More than one strategy should be checked or selected for these buttons to be enabled. The possible options are “Backtest Strategies” which runs multiple strategies independently or “Backtest Portfolio” which runs multiple strategies as a portfolio (i.e. all regrouped under a single account).

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All possible actions related to a strategy is present on the right hand side of the toolbar in the editor. See below for a description of each button and action.

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Save All: Save all strategies.

Add Strategy: Creates a new strategy.

Saved/Unsave: Appears when they are modification on a strategy and changes are not saved.

Clone: Clone the current strategy. Takes copy of the current strategy with a new name and/or period

Clone To: Clones the current strategy to another Workspace.

Delete: Deleted the current strategy. This action will delete the strategy permanently.