Quantreex Documentation

Adding a Broker to your Account

Quantreex provides free Forex data for unlimited usage. However if you need to access data from brokers or to trade with a broker please follow the instructions below.

From the brokers page select a broker from the list of supported brokers and create an account using the links provided (i.e. Open Demo Account). Once you registered and received your credentials from the broker follow these steps:

Note: For some brokers we do not provide historical data. Please check the brokers page for more details.

Step 1 From the main Studio view click on Settings. Click the Add Broker button and fill in the credentials and enter your current Quantreex password to save your profile with the new broker.

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Step 2 Click on Test Connectivity to verify that a connection can be established from your Quantreex account to your broker account. Once this step is validated you should see a connection message with a status (i.e green or red). If you are unable to connect please double check your credential.

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Once this step is validated you can run backtests with the broker data and/or trade live on your real or demo account (check if your plan permits live trading) .