Quantreex Documentation


The my data module can be accessed by navigating from the left main menu item “My Data”.

My Data is used to manage your own data. Data can come from broker or other sources. Currently download from IG Market and Interactive Brokers are supported. Other datasources such Quandl are coming soon. If you have specific requirements or wish to add other datasources please let us know.

The left hand pane contains all available instruments that can be downloaded. Select the instrument parameters such as broker connectivity type, interval and date range then click download.

Once the instrument is downloaded it appears on the right hand pane. Once it appears on the right hand side it can be updated any time.

Image 0

There are also an option to add an instrument manually. If the instrument does not appear in the left hand side, use the “Add Custom” button to add your instrument. Note that the instrument has to be an instrument recognized by the broker otherwise the download will fail.