Quantreex Documentation

Strategy Execution

A strategy backtest can be ran by selecting backtest from the list of strategies (i.e. My Strategies).

By default the strategy is selected, the instrument can be selected in the second column.

Image 0

Multiple strategy and instruments can be selected and added as new elements of the corresponding table. This would allow simultaneous execution of strategies and instruments. It also possible to selected multiple strategies from My Strategies and run it as single or multiple portfolio.

The red indicator would indicate the number of combination that will be generated.

A name can be entered on left of the Run Backtest button that is used to identify an execution. This is useful to save the execution for later use or re runs.

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Execution Name (i.e. Name): Be default the execution has an auto generated name. After the execution is ran it will appear in the execution history section (bottom left). For each run an execution history is automatically created and can be loaded from history for next runs.

By changing the name the execution parameters for this backtest it will create a new item that appears in the Execution History section as a custom element. Note that changing execution parameters without renaming the execution would not force a new element to be created in the execution history.