Quantreex Documentation

Backtesting Advanced Options

Other options are available to fine tune the execution of the strategy:

The “Edit Timing” options has different timing options available such as:

Controlling the timing of data: The choices are from now to any number of years or custom dates ranges.

Trading day start/end: Controls the days and hours where trading takes place. There is a choice of closing a position either at the end of the day or at the end of the week.

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Trade settings is used to fine tune trade related settings. Such as control over risk, spreads and trade sizes.

Contact type: This applies to Forex instruments only where the contract sizes can be changed. They vary between micro and standard lots.

Spread: Spread is used to apply a spread on the bid and ask prices. It provides means of factoring in uncertainty for simulating volatility or slippages. It will apply the value on each side of the trade.

Broker Commission: This is a monetary amount that will get added every time there is a transaction (i.e. buy or sell).

Risk Mode:

1) Fixed Lots (i.e. positions): Risk mode is by default set to 1 lot or 1 unit of a contract or security. This means that every time there is a signal the algorithm executes n unit of that security. For a Forex contract it would for instance execute one Standard Lot by default. For an equity it will buy one share of that instrument.

2) Auto: Auto is based on a percentage of equity calculation. Depending the account balance, stop loss and risk % it automatically calculates the position size. The account balance for backtest could be changed from the user profile settings. The calculation that appears shows the current position size. As transactions are performed the account balance is affected and positions sizes are automatically adjusted.

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