Quantreex Documentation


This guide covers all the functionalities Of Quantreex, the automated trading platform.

Strategy Designer:

Covers the creation of automated trading strategies. It covers each design element and the role they play in the strategy designer. Trade entries, Trade exits, Components and technical indicators, logics, and stop/limits are covered. Complex strategies with many condition and levels of nesting are covered as well. Please refer to the Strategy Designer for details.


Covers the details of running backtests in Quantreex. Backtest are used to validate a strategy and how well it performs on historical data. The backtest execution wizard with all its options are covered in detail.


Covers the details of running an optimization in Quantreex. Optimization is used to improve the parameters of a strategy based an on an objective function. The optimization execution wizard with all its options are covered in detail.


Covers the details of creating portfolios in Quantreex. Portfolios are used to regroup several combination of strategies and instruments as single unit that be rebalanced according to certain conditions.

Live Trading:

Covers the details of running strategies in a live environment with either a real or paper trading account.

My Data:

Covers the details of managing your own data by connecting to end points and maintain them for backtesting purpose.